Whether your thesis needs a light touch to add shine or a heavier hand to improve flow, the Detail Devil can help. After years of working with doctoral and master’s candidates, I’ve carefully designed my services with your needs in mind (see the Editing Services page for full details).

Professionally qualified and experienced

I have lots of experience editing higher degree research theses (see my Portfolio for broad research areas), and my services are recommended by universities in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. You can rest assured you’ll receive a high-quality service; read some of my clients’ testimonials here.

I work predominately and am fluent with APA (sixth and seventh editions), but I also work with a range of other style guides, including the Australian Style manual, the Oxford guide to style, MLA, CMoS and Harvard. Talk to me about your institution’s preferences.

As you will note from the About page, I’m a professional member of both the Institute of Professional Editors (Australia) and the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders (UK), with a postgraduate qualification in editing and communication from the University of Melbourne.

Guidelines for editing research theses

As a professional copyeditor, I adhere to the Institute of Professional Editors’ Guidelines for editing research theses, for students and their supervisors, which outline the extent and nature of editorial services I can ethically provide when editing theses (download the revised 2019 version [PDF; 141 kb]).

Per the Australian Standards for Editing Practice (2nd ed.), the involvement of a professional editor should be restricted to copyediting or proofreading — please see Parts D (‘Language and illustrations’) and E (‘Completeness and consistency’) of the Standards for further advice in these areas. Regarding substance and structure please see Part C of the Standards a professional copyeditor may draw attention to such problems, but solutions cannot be offered.

All Australian universities are recommended to follow these guidelines, and your university most likely includes them in its information for higher degree research students. For students outside Australia, you should refer to your university’s ethics guidelines on contracting a professional editor. The Australian guidelines, however, are generally regarded as industry best practice.

Supervisor approval

Per the Guidelines, students are requested to obtain written approval from their principal supervisor to use a professional copyeditor and to provide this to their copyeditor before they start work. The supervisor should also confirm they have reviewed your full draft manuscript and it is ready for copyediting.

Thesis editing services: options

I’ve carefully designed Options 1 to 6 with your needs in mind. See the main Editing Services page for full details of each option and how I can help you. Options can be tailored to your needs.

Option 1 Copyediting (one pass)
Option 2 Copyediting (two passes)
Option 3 Proofreading
Option 4 Page proof
Option 5 Thesis/manuscript formatting
Option 6 Reference formatting