Beautiful, professional presentation

Presentation matters!
I take great pride and care in styling your manuscript so that it presents professionally and beautifully.

  • Create and apply Word styles to every part of your document: headings, body text, block quotes, tables and figures, table/figure captions, bulleted/numbered lists, references, appendices, glossary and any other styles you might need
  • Ensure adherence to your preferred style guide or publisher requirements
  • Ensure correct numbering of tables, figures and appendices, with styles applied


  • Create the Table of Contents and Lists of Tables, Figures and Abbreviations, and compile Appendices
  • Ensure correct page numbering (with preliminary pages using Roman numerals if required), applying section breaks where needed
  • Assemble all parts of your manuscript and check all the elements are present and in the right place
  • Ensure your manuscript presents professionally and beautifully.

Editing services: options

I’ve carefully designed Options 1 to 6 with your needs in mind. See the main Editing Services page for full details of each option and how I can help you. Options can be tailored to your needs.

Option 1 Copyediting (one pass)
Option 2 Copyediting (two passes)
Option 3 Proofreading
Option 4 Page proof
Option 5 Manuscript formatting
Option 6 Reference formatting